Curiosity Corner

This page is for our esteemed fellow, Dr. Peter Best to share some of his interesting insights on all things climate. All the work presented by Dr. Best is unedited by Climate Planning - so we cannot claim any of the positive or (at times) controversial statements he may present. What we can do is facilitate a space for his curiosity and reflections, as I am sure there is much we can learn. Regards Donovan Burton

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Climate Change Report for Mt Isa Mines 1989

This week, I have released a report I wrote for Mt Isa Mines in February 1989 on the rather tentatively-titled “A preliminary assessment of the implications of the likely changes in global atmospheric composition for the Australian Coal Mining Industry”. The report was taken to the MIM Board but my promised invitation to address them was never received… the full report here.

My commentary on the report can be downloaded here.