Climate Planning Services

Informed.City™ Services

The following services have been developed as part of the Informed.City™ tool. For each of these services, Climate Planning provides a number of products with interactive visualisations designed to help users understand the findings and applications for climate change adaptation governance. For more information about the Informed.City™ Products click here.


Climate change adaptation governance assessments and advice

We can provide an independent assessment of an organisation’s climate change adaptation governance through a scoping or detailed assessment. This assessment helps government and other organisations to obtain an overview of their performance in climate change adaptation governance. It includes the councils’ scores for each indicator, a comparison against the State average, and specific recommendations to help councils improve each indicator.


Climate change impact intelligence

We can provide governments and other organisations with intelligence about their climate change exposure, vulnerability and risk. The hazards analysed include sea level rise, coastal erosion, storm tide inundation, flooding, floodways, severe storms, tropical cyclones, bushfire prone areas, landslides, earthquakes, and drought. The demographic information presents interesting visuals for people, employment, families, dwellings and socioeconomic status that may be relevant for adaptation planning decision-making.


Facilitation of peer-to-peer learning

We can assist in the development of peer-to-peer learning associated with the adaptation governance scores. Services include workshop creation and facilitation, guidelines, templates, training and expert speakers.


Sub-national and national reporting of adaptation progress

We can provide sub-national and national reporting of adaptation governance collective scores. We identify problem areas, provide recommendations and work with you to prioritise and cost required activities.

Governance Services


Climate change adaptation policy and regulation

We can provide expertise to assist with the development of subnational and national climate change adaptation policies. Our work is tailored to your regional and institutional arrangements. We also help develop key performance indicators as well as monitoring and evaluation protocols.


Climate change adaptation plans and strategies

We can provide relevant and effective climate change adaptation plans and strategies. This can be project/ sector/ product specific, or across the organisation. Our strategies will help you shape your approach to mainstreaming adaptation.


Climate change risk assessments

We can undertake scoping and detailed risk assessments for climate change. This includes specific areas or whole of organisation. We can deliver climate change adaptation scenarios and undertake climate change risk assessments in line with ISO-31000 and other leading industry standards. Our work includes asset quantification and costing of exposure to risk, and development of organisational risk registers.

Technical Services


Climate change information analysis and management

We can analyse identify and address gaps in an organisation’s information systems and data management processes which pose barriers to effective adaptation planning. This helps organisation’s understand the importance of data for adaptation decision-making.


Climate change scenario generation

We can develop locally relevant climate change scenarios for all IPCC Representative Concentration Pathways (RCP) as well as outlying projections. Results are presented for both spatial and shifting return rates. We cover the entire range of direct climate change hazards (e.g. sea level rise, extreme event analysis, precipitation changes, climate variability etc.).


Climate change adaptation monitoring and evaluation

We can evaluate the effectiveness of adaptation projects, provide peer review and also help you to develop key performance indicators, and monitoring and evaluation protocols.  


Supply chain climate change risk management

We can help you explore the potential cascading risks that climate change presents in an organisation’s supply chain. From effects on primary resources through to network analysis, we can help you to identify and minimise the emerging risks.

Educational Services


Climate change adaptation training

We can help your staff to be well-equipped to better understand and respond to the effects of climate change. Our training packages range from basic introductory awareness through to detailed technical implementation. 


Presentations to boards and keynote deliveries

We have experts that can provide presentations to organisational boards and elected members (e.g. Councils). We can also deliver effective keynote presentations and provide one-to-one briefings for key decision-makers.

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